Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman (alembicresearch) wrote,
Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman

Coffee Roasting Results

So I got back to work this morning, to where all my
coffee brewing equipment resides, and was able to taste
the results of my coffee roasting for the first time.

The result, while OK, is definately not as good as I
was hoping for.

Even though the coffee beans are very dark, almost black
(one of my fears is that I roasted them to much ... is that
possible?), the resulting coffee is kind of thin.

But even tho its thin, it still has a lot of flavor.
A regular coffee that looks this thin to me would have
almost no flavor. Flavor wise, this is fairly high
up there.

I really like very dark coffee, so this is not it.

I'm not sure yet what the deal is.

Could it be the beans used?

Could it be I need to use much more per cup
than I normally do?

Did I roast them to much?

Did I roast them not enough?

But this first attempt has given me great expectations
at what I can do if I perfect my techniques.

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