Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman (alembicresearch) wrote,
Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman

First Coffee Roasting

At the Northern California Homebrew Festival two years ago
(the great yearly homebrewer's campout weekend in northern CA),
on a saturday morning, I discovered a group of people roasting
their own coffee beans with their homemade coffee roasters.

I thought that was very cool, and the coffee they were making
was great ... so ever since I've been wanting to do it myself.
But have never really gotten the proper equipement together.

But yesterday, I found a stove top pop-corn popper that some
people use, at a local thrift shop. So I picked it up,
and went over to the homebrew shop, which also sells raw coffee beans,
and bought a pound, in order to make my first attempt.

I bought the "Monsoon Java Arabica" which is supposedly "sweet pip tobacco,
light earth with smoky/nutty notes. Pristine light acid and very full body."
Mostly since this was my first attempt, and that was the cheapest available
at about $3.75

It took about 15 minutes on medium high heat on the stove top
to complete the roasting process.
It produced a lot more smoke than I was expecting (but smelled

Since I had watch people doing it a couple of times, I knew that
the roasting would be done, once the crackly popping stopped.

The cheap pop-corn popper did not seem to be the greatest ...
the gears have to be pushed at all times together, or they slip.
I'm sure the more expensive ones are built a bit better ...
but since I only spent $6, its hard to complain. I might be able
to fix it, buy bending the frame a bit so it connects better.
Of course the fancist ones at the homebrew shop cost in the hundreds
of dollars.

It seemed to work out though, the beans were roasted very dark black
(my hope is I did not over cook them).

I won't know what they taste like until tuesday, since my coffee brewing
set-up is at work.

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