Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman (alembicresearch) wrote,
Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman

A weekend of good beer and good hiking

It was a very productive weekend ...

Saturday night I went to the monthly homebrew club meeting,
which was pretty good: plent of good, interesting beers.

The theme of the night was "strong ales", so people brought
many interesting things they've been hiding in their basements,
sometimes for years.

One very tasty beer was a very special edition of Old Rasputain
Imperial Russian Stout from the North Coast Brewery.
This was their 10th Aniversary version, which was higher
alcohol, 11.?% and aged in burbon barrels. The normal version
is one of my favorite beers, but this was extra special.
You can only buy this beer at the brewery in Fort Bragg,
and one of the members was up there over the summer and bought
it then. He never felt like drinking a full 22oz bottle by hisself,
so we were lucky that he brought it to share!

Another was 3 year old barleywine made by a guy who is now
a profession brewmaster one of the local brew pubs.

And there were many more; dozens.
Some other Russian Imperial Stouts, and some other barleywines.

Once again, I probably tasted more, and more interesting beers,
than 99% of people in the US drink in their lifetimes.
Which is a sad truth (I know people who have only drank "Coors Light"
their entire lives!).And all in one night!

My only goal was not to drink so much that I be to drunk to drive,
so I only drank about 1 ounce samples of most beers presented,
and I probably drank only an equivalent of 2 beers the whole night.

But it was a potluck, so there was also plenty of great food to
stuff myself with.

I didn't make it home until about midnight, and I don't think
I got to sleep until 1AM in the morning, so I slept
pretty late into Sunday morning.

Although about 5am in the morning, I was awakened by police sirens,
apparrently somekind of drug overdose in an appartment down the street:
someone OD on mushrooms and went crazy.

So I went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 10AM.

So I went for my cup of coffee and read the newspaper for a few
hours at the one of the coffee shop hangouts, and didn't
get back to about noon.

Since it was so late, I decided not to do what I had been planning
(make another batch of Scotch Whiskey in my still ...),
and instead I decide to go on a hike.

I hadn't taking a good hike in over a month, and I've been feeling
a bit out-of-shape.

I feel like I should get out and do some good exercise whenever
I do a big beer event like the night before.

So I got out and went for a hike at my favorite local nature preserves,
Windy Hill OSP.

The weather was pretty nice today, to good to be staying inside
making beer or whisky,and it was good to get out.

But I didn't get started until about 1:30PM!

It was a very pleasent hike, and warm enough that
I only needed to wear shortpants and a t-shirt.
But I also wore my good heavy leather hiking boots,
because I'm still trying to break them in
(no blisters, so they are pretty well broke in now).
Plus I get better exercise hiking with them on,
since they are so heavy, compared to my hiking shoes,
which are basically glorified tennis shoes.

There were lots of mushrooms out, thanks to the recent
rains (last time I hiked here about a month ago, there were none),
some varieties that I've never seen.
I think I found one edible mushroom, but I'm not sure yet,
since I've never seen it before (I took a picture to help me ID it).

Since I got started so late, I didn't get to finish the hike until
about 5pm, and it was starting to get dark (plus their was a high fog
setting in). Which was kind of interesting, since I rarely
ever do this hike at dusk.

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