Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman (alembicresearch) wrote,
Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman

We've been having very cold and rain weather
where for the last months.

Normally we don't start getting cold and rainy
weather here until about the second week of November.

But it started very early this year ...
on the same day the Goracle was getting
his Peace Prize for all his hard work with
Global Warming, he had to give his exceptance
speach while shivering in a very early cold rain.

The papers all said that proves that he was right,
since if the weather is cold, that also proves
global warming. It would prove it even more if
the weather was warm, but no mater what the weather is,
it does prove it, since the global warming theory
says no matter what the weather is, that proves it.

But I especially don't want it to rain on saturday,
because that is the day of one of my parties of the year:
the Oktoberfest Party that is put on by the Santa Cruz
Fungal Federation and the Santa Cruz Homebrewers.

The party is just an excuse for eating lots and lots
of great food (a lot of it made with mushrooms),
and to drink lots and lots of beer of all kinds
(homebrews and commercials) ... all the people in
the mushroom club are supposed to bring a food dish,
and all the homebrewers are supposed to bring beer.

It is always one of the best private parties I ever
get to attend.

Then on the next day, I get to go judge beer at a
beer competition in San Jose. In this case, I don't
particularly care what the weather does, since it is
all inside. I'm hoping since this is being held in
on of the biggest brewers of German style beer in the county,
that we'll get to drink gallons and gallons of
very tasty beer ... hopefully they'll still have
some of their Oktoberfest beer on tap. If so,
I believe I'll drink at least 4 half liter glasses.
Woo woo!

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