Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman (alembicresearch) wrote,
Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman

Rain, rain ...

We got a good splash of rain over the weekend ...
friday night I woke up, some time during the night,
to some fairly pitter-patter.

This is not something we get very often this time
of year ... usually its not until November that
we start getting rain.

I guess this was more of a freak occurance, due to
some tropical depressions down to the south.

No doubt we'll still have at least one or two "indian summers"
between now and November, where it will be warm enough to head
to the beach.

But it was pretty refreshing to have everying wet this weekend.

On Satuarday morning, since I had no obligations (one of the few
times between now and January that I don't have any),
I walked downtown for my morning coffee and bagel.

It was very pleasent, with since everything smells so fresh after
a rain. Even though it got a little wet now and then.

I always get a bit of a nostalgic yearning in the fall: it always
makes me think of college, life in the university.

Apparently, according to the weather man, it will be a very nice
time to go to the beach in the next couple of days: since we're
looking at an "indian summer" situation coming up.

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