Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman (alembicresearch) wrote,
Barleywine Gutenbiere D'Greenman

More Colorado beer!

We're having a heat wave here in the bay area right now,
in part due to the what used to be hurricane Dean blowing
up from Mexico.

Whenever it gets hot here in the bay area, they've started
having what are called "spare the air" days, where they
make all public transportation free (for part of all of the day).

So I took advantage of it, and took most the day off work,
and took a free train ride up to San Francisco, for a
big beer tasting event that was going on with
a brewery from Colorado: Avery.

They are a Boulder CO based brewery, and they are making
some of the most interesting and cutting edge beer in the
country at the moment: sort of in the league of Dogfish Head, Stone,
Russian River, etc.

There head brewer/owner/founder, Adam Avery, was touring the bay area
this week, and the event last night was a tasting of 15 of their beers
(for $35) at the Toronado tap house (I also needed to do some business
with the owner ... he's letting us run a BJCP Exam there at the end
of Sept.).

The nice thing was, when I was in Denver last June, I somehow did
not get to sample hardly any of these beers, so this was sort of
fixing a hole in my CO beer education.

So, holy cow, there were some good beers served.

Since I've been to hundreds of events like this one over the years,
I was fairly conservative in my drinking, and was only a bit tipsy
by the time it was over. However, my friend that I came up with,
who hasn't really down many of these, over indulged.

So on the way home (his girlfriend was driving, and she was sober),
we had to pull over multiple times, so he could make a few technicolor yawns.

This morning, I felt a bit yucky ...
I notice that some of the Avery beers are a bit "fuselly",
kind of like Anchor Brewery beers ... and can lead to bad hang-overs
and ralphing if one over-indulges.

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