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Life Listing

Over the weekend the NY Times had an article on people
doing "Life Lists". They also had the guy talking about
it on Talk-of-the-Nation on NPR today.

Here is my "Life Goals" list I've been maintaning since early 1999.
Although this is not exactly a "Life List", since I don't check boxes
when I accomplish them. Instead I remove them from the list,
or modify them (sometimes because I've accomplished it,
sometimes because I'm no longer interested in it),
and not the accomplishment at the bottom (which I didn't include here).

Also, I was thinking today, after listen to the NPR show,
that I don't really havea "just for the heck of it" catagory.
I'm not sure what you'd really call them: things like
jumping out of an airplane once, or climbing Mt. Everest
(I'm not actually interested in doing), or getting a sports car (something I
might do sometime, maybe, if I ever won the lottery or sometime),
but seem a bit illogical. So I added that as my "E" catagory
(a real E-ticket?). I haven't though of what I'm going to put
there yet, other than a BMW Z3, but I'm sure there are other things.

So here it is:

Life Goals: 5 to 10 Years

Started on 4/30/1999
This revision: 8/28/2007

A. Travel
1. International (current European travel plans are hurt by $1.36 exchange rate for the Euro)
b. Europe IV (Spain, Portugal, Morocco)
c. Europe V (Greece, Turkey, Isreal, Egypt)
d. Europe VI (Scandanavia/Baltics)
d. Trans-Siberian RR (Russia, Lake Bikal, Mongolia, China, [Japan?])
e. Madagascar (great wild life ... but expensive: $6,000 for 2 weeks!)
f. Torre del Paines in South South America (great walk trip)
g. Thailand (great food trip)
h. Japan (great food and different culture)
i. Turkey (
j. Switzerland (hike hut-to-hut across the Alps)

2. Domestic (USA/Canada)
a. Car tour: Eastern Canada: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, etc.
b. Hiking (Rae Lakes Loop?, Sierra JMT?, Olympics, etc.)
c. Car tour Southern Colorado (with a couple days stay in Denver forthe GABF)

B. Find Ms. Right (aka: "The One").
1. Make self more attractive
a. become more mentally attractive (read, travel, films, plays)
b. become more physically attractive
i. exercise regularly
ii. loose weight: loose 57 points, i.e. 257 -> 200.
e. improve appearance (dress better, overall hygene, haircut, etc)
f. take dance classes

2. Find out where the women are:
a. go there (Foothill College, Universities?)
b. spend more time there

C. Financial (continue saving for retirement and still have enough to achieve all goals,
at least $500,000. Between $400k & $1 million?) (achieved around 2004)
(At this point, if if I can hang on until Jun 2009, I might be able to
get the "early retirement" package, of about $26,500 a year. And by then
I should have more than $1,000,000 in the bank).

D. House
Buy a house and/or "cabin" (in 1999 USD$100,000), of the requirements:
a. near/in woods, National Forest (close to nature)
b. garden (grow oregano, basil, and San Marzano tomatoes)
c. good garage and/or work area for a pico-brewery and extra refrigerators
d. Warm or cool climate? (Puget Sound or Desert? Both?)
e. Close enough to major city for monthly dose of "culture"
(i.e. Port Angeles -> Seattle)
f. rock garden/stone work

E. Health
1. remain healthy and fit so you can achieve all goals
2. keep weight down (try to get to 200# or less)
3. keep hiking for exercise
4. drink alcohol in moderation (don't get drunk to often)
5. teeth maintainance (see dentist regularly)

F. Education
1. Worldly knowledge gleaned via Travels (see "A". above)
4. Diverse reading:
a. Literary: Pale Fire, ???
b. Other books from readling list (etc.)
5. Class room study
a. work related (boring!)
b. personal
i. full time graduate school:
get a Masters and/or Ph.d in Brewing ("Environmental Chemistry" or maybe Nutrition)?
ii. continue to take evening classes at local junior college
(drawing, painting, spanish, french)

G. Work:
1. Continue working at NASA another N years? (to 7/2009 for reduced pension)
2. Switch to another job (not easy now, unless perhaps as assistant brewer)?
a. stay in bay area
b. move somewhere else
i. Seattle area
3. Switch Careers?
a. brewer (start as assistant brewer for 1 or 2 years then move up)
b. naturalist (start as a volunteer for a national park)
c. writer (make journal entires daily, write a novel or book)
d. artist
i. painter (take classes at Foothill in perparation)
ii. writer (countinue with journal)
e. all the above (a renaissance man)

E. Weird Silly Things?
1. Automobile
a. BMW Z3


[28 Aug 2007] Notes:
In the last couple months since I updated this, here are some of the accomplishments.

(A2c) Did a driving trip to Denver, CO and back, and attended the National Homebrew Converence there.

(B1b & E2) Lost another 10 pounds ... so I've lost about 35 pounds since January 1st,
and have maintaned my exercise regimen, so I'm much more healthy and fit.
I'm currently below 220#s, so I've achieved goal E2.
What I need to do now is keep loosing (i.e., get to 200#s), and then
maybe even loose more (i.e., get to 180#), and the bottom line is:
do not gain it back or increase.

(F4a) Finished reading "Sons and Lovers", D.H. Lawernce.
Need to find a new "big goal" to read for 2008.
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