December 30th, 2007

2007 Year in Review, part 1

Seems like it was a pretty good year, generally.

Beer-wise, it seems like a lot happened:
I think I attended more beer-events this year than
any other year before: the highlight was a driving
trip to Denver, CO for the National Homebrew Conference
(which was about 3 days of beer drinking ...).

Another big beer event was the Northern California Homebrew
Festival. This was only 2 days of beer drinking,
but it was a lot closer and much cheaper
(only 4 hours of driving to it, and only $70).

Some other beer competitions and events I attended:
Dickens Fair Black & Tan HBC
California State Homebrew Compeititon
National Organic Homebrew Challenge!
Tulare County Fair Homebrew Competition
Santa Cruz County Fair Homebrew Competition
Amador County Fair Homebrew Competition
Amador Invitational
AHA NHC 2nd Round 2007
2007 Samuel Adams American Homebrew Contest
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing HomeBrew to ProBrew
Alameda County Fair Homebrew Competition
11th Annual Silver Dollar Fair Homebrew Competition
AHA National Homebrew Competition 1st Round West Region
World Cup of Beer
Toronado Barleywine Festival

In all I earn about 30 bjcp points!
If I earn the same amount in 2008, I'll be
at my next BJCP judging level: Grand Master II

Other beer events I attended that weren't offical
BJCP events:
Dr. Bill's Beer Tasting (the day after the Barleywine Fest.).
Ran a 11 week BJCP Exam Study Group.
Bay Area Brewfest
H.O.M.E. Xmas Party @ Anchor Brewery
Homebrew of the Year Dinner @ Anchor Brewery
Sudzer Xmas Party

And probably a bunch more than I'm not recalling at the moment.

Financial wise, I did fairly well:
while the S&P 500 increased about 3.8% over the year,
my portfolio increase about 13%.
The difference is 9% ... which was probably savings
from my pay-check and what I made in bonds.

My diet worked pretty good this year: I lost about 30 pounds.
I went from about 254 pounts to 215 (but I figure over
the holidays I've gained a bit back).

My resolution for 2008 is to loose another 30 pounds
or so, in order to get down to what I should be for
my height, and to be more healthy.

I have more resolutions and goals for the upcoming year,
but I'll save those for another time.